2018 Retiree Health Benefits

There will be no premium increases for 2018 for all of our retiree health insurance plans; however, we are preparing for major changes beginning in 2019.  


Health Plan Comparisons


The Future of the Conference Retiree Health Care Plans

To achieve this rate pass, the Board of Pensions utilized significant reserve funds. Unfortunately, the long-term outlook for retiree group health insurance plans is not particularly promising. Consequently, the Board of Pensions is strongly considering a partnership with Wespath and OneExchange to provide a health care solution for Medicare eligible retirees beginning in 2019. To be eligible for participation in the OneExchange model, California-Nevada Medicare eligible retirees must be enrolled in one of our conference health plans for 2018. For more information about Wespath and the OneExchange model, you can visit the following website: https://www.wespath.org/center-for-health/plans/oneexchange/. We will also be hosting a series of conference events over the next few months to provide more details about this potential transition.


What Do I  Need to Do?

That depends, if you are currently on a conference retiree health plan, you don't need to take any action unless you want to switch to a different plan?

If you are not currently on the conference group health plan and you are interested in joining OneExchange in 2019, you will need to register for one of the four conference group health plans. Contact the Board of Pensions to discuss your options.

How Do I Learn More About the Conference Group Health Plans?

To see a comparison of the 2018 Health Plans, click here and to see a comparison of the Retiree Premiums, please click here.

Will Kaiser Permanente Be Available on OneExchange?

The Board of Pensions cannot guarantee any providers participation in OneExchange.;however, we will be working very closely with Wespath and OneExchange to have Kaiser included. 

What is OneExchange?

 Willis Towers Watson’s OneExchange, one of the nation’s leading providers of health care solutions for Medicare-eligible retirees. The OneExchange program offers assistance in selecting Medicare supplemental health coverage for eligible retirees, spouses and certain disabled participants using individual Medicare supplement plan markets. OneExchange provides a portal to Medicare supplemental plans available from more than 90 health insurers (“carriers”) nationwide, as well as administration for tax-advantaged Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRAs) from which retirees can pay their Medicare supplement premiums. 

To look at what 2018 OneExchange premiums look like, click here

Will There Still Be a Retired Clergy Subsidy?

The Board of Pensions and the  Endowment Board are committed to providing support to our retired clergy.In some form or another yes; however, it will not work exactly the same way that it does now. It will likely involve a Health Savings Account.