2020 Active Open Enrollment

2020 Open Enrollment will be done through the NonStop Exchange (NSE). OE dates are November 1 - November 23


Logging In for the First Time

  • Go to https://members.nonstopwellness.com
  •  Enter your email address
  •  Click Don't remember your password?  and set a private password for your account

Selecting a Plan

  1. Go to Manage Enrollments
  2. Select Open Enrollment
  3. Confirm that all contact information is correct
  4. Click Next
  5. Click to add or update dependent information including social security numbers and birthdays
  6. Under Available Benefits, click 
  7. If enrolling dependents, check the box beside the name of the dependent
  8. Select either Kaiser, Waiver, Blue Shield, or Blue Shield (Out of State)
  9.  Click Confirm Selection
  10. Click
  11. If enrolling dependents, check the box beside the dependent's name
  12. Select 2020-BOP-Delta Dental-Dental-Active OR 2020-BOP-Dental-Waiver
  13. Click Confirm Selection
  14. Click Next