Health Insurance Update - 2020 Health Insurance Information Is Now Available

Open Enrollment is upon us. Whether you are an active clergy member, eligible lay employee, or retiree, please check out the information on our Health Insurance page. In 2020, we will be switching our Dental and Vision plans to Delta Dental and VSP, respectively. For the first time, our retirees will have a hearing aid benefit. Retiree Open Enrollment Dates: October 14 - October 25 Active Open Enrollment Dates: November 1 - November 18

2020 Retiree Group Plan Comparison

There are two group plans available for eligible retired clergy members and their spouses.  Medicare Parts A & B are required in order to join these plans. Below is a side by side comparison of the plans.

Annual Deductible (Member/Family) None  None
Annual Copayment Maximum $1500  N/A
Available Service Area Within 30 miles of a Kaiser facility (CA,OR,WA,HI,CO,GA, DC, VA, MD) Anywhere that Medicare is Accepted
Preventative Health Services  
Annual Routine Physical Exam No Charge  No Charge
Well Woman Exam No Charge  No Charge
Labs & X-rays No Charge  No Charge
Physician Services  
Inpatient hospital & Skilled nursing facility No Charge  No Charge
Office Visits $15  $10
Labs & X-rays No Charge

 No Charge

Diagnostic Tests No Charge  No Charge
Mammogram and Pap test or other FDA-approved cervical screens No Charge  No Charge
Hospital Services  
Inpatient Services including semi-private room & board No Charge  No Charge
Outpatient services at an Ambulatory Surgery Center No Charge  No Charge
Outpatient surgery (Hospital) $15/surgery No Charge
Short Term Rehabilitation Services (Physical, Occupational, Speech or Respiratory Therapy)  
Office $15/visit  $10/visit
Hospital No Charge

No Charge

Skilled Nursing Facility No Charge No Charge
Emergency Room  
ER Services $50 per visit (waived if admitted within 24 hours)  $50 per visit
Emergency Ambulance Services $50 per trip  
Prescription Drugs  
30-day Generic $10  $2
30-day Brand Name $25 $15
30-day Non-preferred Brand N/A  $35
90-day Mail Order Generic $20  $4
90-day Mail Order Brand Name $50  $30
90-day Mail Order Non-Preferred Brand N/A  $70
Psychiatric Care, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services  
Inpatient - 30 day max No Charge No Charge
Outpatient Counseling Services $15/visit  $10/visit
Home Health Care  
Home health care agency including home visits by nurse, aide, therapist or hospice No Charge  No Charge