Health Insurance Update - 2020 Health Insurance Information Is Now Available

Open Enrollment is upon us. Whether you are an active clergy member, eligible lay employee, or retiree, please check out the information on our Health Insurance page. In 2020, we will be switching our Dental and Vision plans to Delta Dental and VSP, respectively. For the first time, our retirees will have a hearing aid benefit. Retiree Open Enrollment Dates: October 14 - October 25 Active Open Enrollment Dates: November 1 - November 18

2020 Retiree Premium Comparison

Below is a premium comparison of the available group Medicare plans offered by the Conference.

Health Plan Total Cost Per Year BOP Subsidy* Retiree Pays Per Year* Retiree Pays per Quarter*
United American
1 Person $6,593 $3,800 $2,793 $698
2 People $13,186 $7,600 $5,586 $1,397
Kaiser Permanente
1 Person $4,394 $3,800 $594 $149
2 People $8,788 $7,600 $1,188 $297

*Maximum subsidy $3,800/$7,600 in 2020 is for CNAC members
with 20 or more years of service. 

To learn more about the BOP Premium Subsidy, click here.