Answers to some of our most frequently asked questions

Billing Questions

1.  To whom do I write the check? For Pension or Health Insurance bills, please write your check to the Board of Pensions. 

2. Can I combine our church pension and health insurance bills in one check? Yes!  

3. Can I combine pension payments for more than one clergy in one check? YES, pension checks for several staff in the same church can be combined.  

4. Can we combine health insurance payments for more than one staff person? MAYBE.  Health insurance payments for active clergy must be paid separately from retired clergy who are working.  

5. Our church has a Pension Deficiency owed from a year prior to 2011. Can I add a deficiency payment to the current pension payment? NO, please send separate checks for a Deficiency prior to 2011. 

6. I am billed monthly for health insurance. May I pay quarterly? YES. Simply multiply your monthly bills into one payment and mail it to the Board of Pensions, 1337 Howe Avenue, Suite #200, Sacramento, CA  95825.   ***Please write the purpose of the check on the Memo. For example: "Health ins., quarterly payment".

7. I have a question about my bill. Whom do I call? Call the Board of Pensions at 916-913-1049.