Church Resources

In this section, lay leaders, committee chairs, and administrative staff can find resources to ensure that all benefit requirements are being met for clergy and staff.

Clergy Change Checklist

If you are getting a new pastor, use this page to assist you in making sure that health benefits and pension information is up to date. Click here for the Clergy Change Checklist page.

Compensation Guidance

A step by step guide to completing the Compensation Worksheet on the Conference website dashboard. Click here for the Compensation Guidance page.

Pension Billing Calculator

 A  tool to assist clergy, church members in determining what the pension bill will be next year. The pension bill is the combination of the Defined Benefit (DB), Defined Contribution (DC) and Comprehensive Protection Plan (CPP) for clergy members. It does not include UMPIP contributions, which are billed directly by Wespath.  Click here to estimate the annual and monthly cost of the pension billing

Setting up UMPIP

Instructions for working with the pastor to set up their United Methodist Personal Investment Plan. Much like a 401(k), employees can choose how much they would like to contribute as a percentage or flat amount. There are before tax, Roth IRA, or after tax options. Click here for the Setting up UMPIP page.

Premium Only Plan Documents

Churches who have clergy in the conference group health plan must maintain Premium Only Plan Documents to comply with IRS Section 125 rules. Click here for more information about Premium Only Plans.