Clergy Change Checklist

What does a church need to do ensure new clergy receive pension and health benefits?


  • Enter the new salary into the Dashboard as soon as possible. For assistance in completing the salary worksheet, click here.

Health Benefits

  • Determine if health benefits will be provided.
  • Alert the Board of Pensions if the new clergy needs to sign up for the Blue Shield PPO or the Kaiser Permanente HMO.
  • Have the new clergy member complete the appropriate enrollment forms.
  • Return the enrollment forms to the Board of Pensions.

For more information on health benefit plans, click here.


  • Ensure that the Church has completed an Adoption Agreement with Wespath.
  • Determine how much the new employee will be contributing to their UMPIP account.
  • Have the employee complete the Contribution Election Form.
  • Have an authorized representative of the church sign the Contribution Election Form.
  • Return the Contribution Election Form to the Board of Pensions.