Board Members

The Board is comprised of not fewer than 12 and not more than 18 members, not indebted to pension and benefit funds, plans, and program; one-third laywomen, one-third laymen, and one third clergy. The full board meets at least three times a year to discuss and vote on pension and benefit issues, including investments, that affect the members and lay employees of the conference.

Clergy Members of the Board

  • Gary Grundman- President
  • Roger Morimoto, Personnel Committee Chair
  • Brandon Austin
  • Kelly Love
  • Jeonghyun Park
  • Kristen Sachen
  • John Sublett
  • Debbie Weatherspoon

Lay Members of the Board

  • Mike Beebe, Investment Committee Chair
  • Becky Everett
  • Jo Ann Lawson
  • Steve Murata
  • Mike Simpson
  • Sheila Vaughn

Ex Officio Members

  • Paul Extrum-Fernandez. Chief Benefits Officer, Board of Pensions
  • Diane Knudsen, Treasurer
  • Cory Parish, Executive Director, The Endowment Board
  • Nancy Daley, Executive Director, Retired Clergy Association
  • Marty Murdock, President, Retired Clergy Association
  • Brian Grimmer, Assistant Benefits Officer, Board of Pensions
  • Andrea Winchester, Office Manager, Board of Pensions