Daily Challenge

The Daily Challenge is a social well-being experience that gives you the opportunity to positively impact your life every day by doing simple challenges every day and sharing the experience with your personal connections -- all while you earn points, collect stamps and achieve new levels. 

How the Plan Works

Every day you will receive an email with a quick and simple challenge that is meant to boost your well-being. It could be about adding a healthy snack or parking farther away in order to get more exercise. You have the ability to choose from a variety of "tracks" or focus areas, such as better eating or exploring emotions. The Daily Challenge allows you to add new tools to improve your physical, mental and dietary health. 

How to Earn Points for Rewards

  • Joining: 100 points
  • Completing a challenge: 100 points
  • Streak bonus: 0-50 points
  • Weekend bonus: 50 points
  • Passing on a challenge and telling why: 30 points
  • Submitting feedback: 10 points
  • Posting how you did it: 50 points
  • Replying to someone else: 3 points
  • Smiling at someone's post: 1 points
  • Connecting with someone: 100 points
  • Receiving encouragement: 6 - 40 points
  • Completing a pact: 200 - 500 points
  • First anniversary: 1000 points