Health Insurance Update - 2020 Health Insurance Information Is Now Available

Open Enrollment is upon us. Whether you are an active clergy member, eligible lay employee, or retiree, please check out the information on our Health Insurance page. In 2020, we will be switching our Dental and Vision plans to Delta Dental and VSP, respectively. For the first time, our retirees will have a hearing aid benefit. Retiree Open Enrollment Dates: October 14 - October 25 Active Open Enrollment Dates: November 1 - November 18

NEW IN 2020 Delta Dental

Delta Dental has the largest proprietary dentist network in the nation.  Participants can visit any dentist but will receive the best prices by staying within the Delta Dental PPO network. 

Plan benefits are based on the PPO contracted fees that dentists agree to accept as payment in full.  If you choose to go to an "out-of-network" dentist, you may have to pay the difference between the dentist's rates and the PPO rates. If you contact your dentist to ask whether they accept Delta Dental, please specify the PPO plan. 

Finding a Dentist

  1.  Go to
  2.  In the first drop down box, select a Specialty
  3.  In the second dropdown box, select Delta Dental PPO
  4.  Enter the last name of a specific dentist or leave it blank
  5.  Answer Yes or No to Search by your current location
  6.  If No, enter a zip code or address
  7. Click Find dentists


Benefits Delta Dental PPO
Diagnostic & Preventive 100%


Space Maintainers 100%
Basic Restorative


Oral Surgery


Simple Extractions


Endodontics 80%
Surgical Periodontics 80%
Non-Surgical Periodontics 80%
Major Restorative 50%
Prosthodontics Fixed and Removable 50%
Denture Repair and Relining 50%
Implants 50%
Orthodontics Not Covered
TMJ Not Covered
Per Patient/Calendar year $50
Per Family/Calendar year $150
Per Patient/Calendar year $2000