Health Insurance Update - 2020 Health Insurance Information Is Now Available

Open Enrollment is upon us. Whether you are an active clergy member, eligible lay employee, or retiree, please check out the information on our Health Insurance page. In 2020, we will be switching our Dental and Vision plans to Delta Dental and VSP, respectively. For the first time, our retirees will have a hearing aid benefit. Retiree Open Enrollment Dates: October 14 - October 25 Active Open Enrollment Dates: November 1 - November 18

NEW IN 2020 - Ameritas Soundcare Hearing

In 2020, group plan members will be eligible for a hearing benefit, including annual exams, hearing aids, and hearing aid maintenance.


Plan Benefit Coverage
Annual Hearing Exam 100%
Hearing Aid 50%
Hearing Aid Maintenance 100%
Annual Hearing Exam $0
Hearing Aid $0
Hearing Aid Maintenance $0
Maximums (per benefit period)  
Annual Hearing Exam up to $75
Hearing Aids (per ear)  
Year One Up to $500
Year Two Up to $750
Year Three Up to $1,000
Hearing Aid Maintenance Up to $40