Clergy Changes



     A new appointment year often brings changes for both clergy and churches. In order to make those transitions easier, here are a few key things to consider.
     First, if your address, email, or phone number is changing-- let us know! We here at the Board of Pensions will need to update our database records whether you are moving to a new appointment, or retiring. You will also want to update your information with the Annual Conference Dashboard, Wespath, and the Retired Clergy Association if appropriate. 
     Is your compensation changing? New compensation package information, including pension amounts, should be updated in the Dashboard as soon as possible. 
     Health insurance premiums paid by the church often change with a change in pastor. If your health insurance carrier is not changing, and your church receives a bill, please take the bill with you to your new appointment. 
     Is your health care enrollment changing? The Board of Pensions can help you transition from an active to a retiree plan with no interruption of coverage. Our staff person Brian Grimmer is available to answer questions about our plans and assist with enrollment. 
     For a Clergy Change Checklist and links to important forms, visit this page on the Board of Pensions web site.