All active and retired group plan subscribers are automatically enrolled in the VSP vision plan

Finding an Optometrist

  1. Go to vsp.com/eye-doctor
  2.  Select whether you would like to search by Location, Office, or Doctor
  3.  Enter the appropriate information
  4.  Click Search


Benefit In-Network Out-of-network 
Deductible $10 for exams 
$25 for materials

$10 for exams
$25 for materials

Annual Eye Exam 100% up to $45
Single Vision Lens 100% up to $30
Std. polycarbonate 100% for dependent children No Coverage
Bifocal 100% Up to $50
Trifocal 100% up to $65
Frames  $130 (Costco allowance is
the wholesale equivalent)
up to $70
Contacts $130 up to 105
Vision benefits are available every 12 months
Lens Options (member cost)
Option            VSP Choice Network + Affiliates
(Other than Costco)
Out of Network
Progressive Lenses Up to provider's contracted fee for Lined Bifocal Lenses Up to Lined Bifocal Allowance
Std. Polycarbonate Covered in full for dependent children/ $33 adults No Benefit
Solid Plastic Dye $15 (except Pink I & II) No Benefit
Plastic Gradient Dye $17 No Benefit
Photochromatic Lenses (Glass and Plastic $31-$82 No Benefit
Scratch Resistant Coating $17-$33 No Benefit
Anti-Reflective Coating $43-$85 No Benefit
Ultraviolet Coating $16

No Benefit