Walkadoo is the free walking product that our healthcare participants can enjoy. You wear a pedometer to count your steps and those steps are wirelessly sent to the Walkadoo website, where you track your progress and connect with others on their own Walkadoo journey.


How the Plan Works

 Every morning, you receive a step goal via email or SMS. The number of steps changes every day, so each goal is new, different, and always manageable.  You earn maximum points by meeting your goal but you can also earn points by just participating. In addition to meeting your step goals, you can respond to Walkie Talkies, which are daily conversations. Finally, you can create challenges among your friends, co-workers, and other Walkadoo participants.

How to Order your Free FitBit Zip

Walkadoo enrollees are eligible to receive a free Fitbit Zip, a wirelessly enabled step-tracker that you can use with you computer or smartphone.  You can order a Fitbit Zip when you enroll but here are the instructions if you decide to order it later: 

  1. Sign into Walkadoo.com
  2. Click the arrow beside your name in the top right corner
  3. Click Settings
  4. Click Step Tracker on the left side
  5. Click Order a Fitbit Zip on the center of the page. 

How to Earn Points for Rewards

  • Wearing your device: 50 points
  • Wearing your device streak bonus: 10- 50 points
  • Following another user: 5 points (up to 30 points)
  • Another user following you: 5 points (up to 30 points)
  • Responding to a Walking Talkie: 50 points per day
  • Replying  to someone's post:  3 points (up to 9 points per day)
  • Smiling at someone's post: 1 point (up to 5 points per day)
  • Completing your everyday Walkadoo Card (daily step goal): 100-150 points
  • Completing your All or Nothing Card (must achieve all steps in order to earn points): 20-300 points
  • Completing your Unlimited  Card: No limit