The Board of Pensions provides you with tools and resources so you can meet your goals for improved well-being.  

Wellness Program

The Board of Pensions offers the Virgin Pulse Wellness Program to its members. The purpose of this program is to promote healthy living and increased activity. The program has a wellness credit that is applied to your premium through the year 2020.

Virgin Pulse is a program that cultivates good lifestyle habits with the goal of improving your overall well-being. Using Virgin Pulse technology allows you to set your interests, develop goals, enter challenges, track results and earn rewards. 

Virgin Pulse is available to all clergy who are eligible for a church paid pension. It is an activity tracking program that monitors your progress toward health goals and rewards. Participants earn points that translate into Pulse cash which can be turned into gift cards. 

How the Plan Works

Once you have created an account and ordered your tracking device, you will need to complete at least 7,000 steps per day. On the Virgin Pulse website, you can customize your experience by setting interests. There are daily cards that include tips and information based on your interest. You can earn points by completing these cards. You can also track your healthy activities. Virgin Pulse allows you to complete team or individual challenges. The program allows you to earn points and rewards by taking remaining active. 

How to Enroll in the Virgin Pulse Program 

  1. Go to
  2. Click SIGN ME UP!
  3. Enter the following information:
    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. Email Address
    4. Language
    5. Date of Birth
    6. Sex
    7. Timezone
    8. Create and confirm password (at least eight characters)
  4. Check the box acknowledging the privacy policy
  5. Check the box acknowledging the membership agreement
  7. Write down your Member ID (or use your email address) and remember your password - you will need it whenever you log into your Virgin Pulse account at

Step Trackers:

Virgin Pulse is compatible with the following trackers:

*You can purchase a Virgin Pulse Max step tracker by signing into and visiting the store. The Board of Pensions contributes $14.50 towards the cost of the Max pedometer and you will pay the remaining $14.50 plus sales tax. 


Participants can earn Pulse cash, which can be used for gift cards.